diumenge, 11 de juny de 2017

Photo essay: Arian and Àlex

5 comentaris:

  1. The text is very clear and well explained but some pictures are a little bit blurred.

  2. Clàudia Navas
    I think that the informaton of this photo-essay is very clear and easy to understant and it's well presented, the only problem is the bad quality of some of the photos, but the other things are very good.

  3. Marc Millan Tiana
    I think this photo essay has all the things that a good photo essay needs to have. The only problem I find is the quality of some of the photos.

  4. This photo essay is very interesting. I like it because is unusual to know how people make wigs for people that they need it. The only problema is that some pictures are a Little bit with bad quality.

  5. Interesting person but you haven't exploited her very well. It's not clear what things refer to her job and which to her voluntary work. The first photo does not attract your attention: the 2nd of the last would be much better. There's no intro to the person and the title is a bit boring.
    The photos are OK Are they yours?