diumenge, 11 de juny de 2017

Photo essay: Sofia and Mariona

4 comentaris:

  1. In my point of view I like a lot this photo-essay concretely the photos of it. Because they are very well taken, well edit it, hook your attention... Also the text it's well written and the content of it is very interesting.

    Clàudia Ribera

  2. I agree with Claudia. This photo essay is very interesting and the photos also. It is well written and it has a very good quality and structure.

    Jana Julià Boquet

  3. This photo essay is very interesting and very well written. The photos are of a good quality; the focus is good and the lightning too. I think it's very interesting to see a volunteer who is a teenager.

    Irene Argelich

  4. Good. It's nice to see a volunteer who's so young. The photos are good. I imagine they're yours and the fit in well with the text. The first photo is a good choice but the title is boring.
    The English is OK but there are a few problems with verb forms.