diumenge, 11 de juny de 2017

Photo essay: Oriol, Guillermo and Pau

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  1. I like a lot the photo essay because is important and interesting. Is well presented with photos that have good quality. I like it because this people need help.

  2. In my opinion I like a lot this photo-essay because the content of it is very interesting. Also, the texts fits very well with the photos and these are very well foccussed. Despite of, some of them aren't taken by them.

    Clàudia Ribera

  3. I like this photo essay because is very important to help people and I think that if everybody help like Marcial, the world will be better. The photos are very good, with good quality and good focussed. The only problem is that they are some that the authors didn't take them. A part from that is a very good photo essay.

  4. An interesting story well told. It's good to know that these people exist.You give a lot of information. Maybe it would be better to talk about his job at the beginning or second and leave the earthquake for last.
    A few problems with verb tenses and reported speech but, in general, very good. Thank you!