divendres, 9 de juny de 2017

Photo essay Mark Clara

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  1. Berta Mata: i like the structure of the photo essay, and i think is easy and interesting to read.
    The only think bad that i can say is that some text is in front of the photos. the quality of the photos are very good.

  2. I think this photo essay is very interesting and the photos, like Berta said, are very good. I think good photos and an interesting person are fundamental for a photo essay and this one has both.
    The only problem is that it's explained in first person and it should be in third. Apart from that,there is nothing else wrong.

    Jana Julià Boquet

  3. Quite an interesting character and a common situation. If you write in the first person you lose the perspective and we don't get your opinion of the person and his work. You jump from the 3rd person in the first photo to the first person in the rest. There is also no conclusion.
    The English is good but there are a couple of problems with presentation: lines, size of photos etc.
    In general good