diumenge, 11 de juny de 2017

Photo essay: Irene and Claudia E

3 comentaris:

  1. In my opinion what I like the most of this photo-essay is the presentation. Because the background is nice but isn't distracting and the cover it's well decorated. Also the photos are well taken and it's well written.

    Clàudia Ribera

  2. As Clàudia, I like a lot the presentation of this photo essay. The photos are quite good (qulity, light...) and the text is very good written. The text has a lot of relation with the photos and it is very clear to understand it.

  3. Very good presentation with background colours and varied position of text. The text is well written and fits well with the photos which I suppose are yours. They are clear but not very exciting and are all very similar except for the last.
    It's interesting as she helps in such a big organisation but she doesn't seem to work very much!