dilluns, 12 de juny de 2017

Photo essay: Clàudia N and Roger

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  1. Pep Puente Quera
    I think that the topic is intersting is well redacted, but any of the photos have been taken by the authors of the photo essay.

  2. Personally, I think this photo essay is very interesting and some of the photos are really good but not many of them were tooked by the authors. In generally, i think it's good because it gives a lot of information about the person.

    Jana Julià Boquet

  3. I like a lot this photo essay. The person and the topic is very curious. The photos are very good but I think that the authors hadn't taken any of them. A part from that it is okay.
    Sofia Robles

  4. Interesting person but you could have asked more interesting questions about why he does it. Not much about his job. The text doesn't come from the photos. No picture of him or is it? None of your photos.
    You don't tell us.
    A few problems with English. Have you used Google trans?