dilluns, 5 de juny de 2017

Jana and Clàudia: Photo essay

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  1. It is well written but the distribution of the pictures is not regular.

  2. Clàudia Navas
    After I read this photo-essay I think that is very well writed and the quality of the photos is excelent (they are well focused, good contrast, away from distracting backrounds...) but maybe the conclusions has to say more clearly that the photo-essay ends there.

  3. I think that the conclusions are not clear, but a like a lot the information of the photo essay, and the photos have a high quality, and are well focused, and the light os good.

  4. Marc Millan Tiana
    I agree with Roger some things are not clear but in general is a good photo essay, good photos, well written text, ...

  5. Berta mata: i like a lot this photo essay, it's interessting, courios and easy to understand.
    The text is well written and the photos are related with the text.
    The obly think bad that I can say is the quality of one photo, but it really doesn't effect the photo essay.

  6. I like this photo essay very much bacause the content is very interesting, and I think Mayka is a very good and charitive person. The photos are very well taken and the text is well written. Maybie the conclusion is not very clear and the photo of Mayka "working" in her computer has bad lightning, but the rest is perfect.

    Irene Argelich

  7. Nice text and photos. We get a good idea of Mayka as a person. Maybe you couls have explained the voluntary part a bit better. What are the letters in the photo? Where is the gorilla?
    What happened to the presentation. There are extra pages.