dissabte, 4 de març de 2017

Sofia Robles: Flying Cars

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  1. This article is very well presented and its visualy attractive, also is well written
    I'm agree with it, wich is an article in favour of flying cars, because apart from adventadges it also show disadvantadges in wich says that mistakes that these machines can have will be corrected in the future.
    Clàudia Navas

  2. This article is visually attractive and well written. I agree with it because flying cars are a good idea but also I desagree at the same things as her and also I want to add that there will be also traffic but in the sky and would block the sun. Clara Kong

  3. I don't agree on "it is not a bad idea" because it is a bad idea. The license would be very hard to get because it would be like a car and plane fusioned license.