dilluns, 6 de març de 2017

Pau Barull: Driverless cars

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  1. I don't agree with the fact that they will reduce car accidents because our lives would depend on machines and that isn't really what people want. People control their lives and if they have an accident is their fault.

    Jana Julià

    1. They will reduce car accidents because accidents are caused by humans. Machines don't fail without a human error. People doesn't want to depend on machines because it's a new think but in a few years they will trust them. When this kind of cars are common peolpe will see that this cars are saver than the normal ones.

  2. i totally agree with you in the point you said that people won't enjoy the activity of driving which it is a pleasure for a lot of human beings. also as you said, they will be hard to access if you have a medium monthly income so rich people will have the possibility to access it earlier by 2028 as you said.

    Very interesting and informative article

    Guillermo Nebra Aljama

  3. I agree, because acording to the article, US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that human error is the critical reason for 93% of crashes.

  4. marc vilalta: I agree with Pau that drive-less cars will decrease accidents and car crushes.

  5. I agree with all the facts that Pau expose in he's article except the one that sais that they will e 100% segurity on roads cause all the sensors of a machine can fail and make you crash. Also there is the problem that not all the people can buy this type of car so the human error will still exist.

  6. I agree whit Pau's article because drive-less cars will decrease accidents in a nearly future, when autonomous cars become popular. Also, as you said the 93% of crashes are human errors, so with autonomous cars we will be more secure when we drive.

    Àlex Alsina

  7. I agree with Pau, they have to improve the driveless cars, and if they do it, many people will save their lives. But if only some people have it, and the other no, accidents will continue

  8. I agree totally with your article, I think drivers that distracted with no important things as the phones are very dangerous in the roads but for people that like and enjoy the action of driving, the sensation, I'm sure that won't be agree with the article!