dissabte, 4 de març de 2017

Clàudia Ribera: Flying Cars

3 comentaris:

  1. I agree with Clàudia because flying cars can cause many accidents and every air route used by planes has a special path to follow that can be interrupt by these flying machines causin several accidents( air accidents are not safe, take an exemple from plane crushes).

    Jana Julià

  2. I agree with her because car accidents will increase and they will make lots of noise. A part from that, if a car has an accident, it will fall to the ground and the people of the street will get seriously injured. Flying cars are very dangerous for humanity.

    Irene Argelich

  3. I agree with Claudia's opinion and I think like her, flying cars it would be a bad invention because it will cause a lot of accidents. Besides, if one flying car has an accident or if the gasoline ends the vehicle will fall to the ground and the people below could get hurt.