dissabte, 4 de març de 2017

Carla Gabau: Designer Babies

4 comentaris:

  1. I agree because everbody has to be as they born and not as they're supposed to be because their parents had designed. Also, it would suppose a big ethical problem because imagine that everybody wants white babies, there wouldn't be other human race.

    Clàudia Ribera

  2. I agree with Carla because I think like her. If designer babies is created, babies will be divided by classes, and everyone would be preety similar. Most people would want the "perfect" baby,and that would be a big problem. I am against designer babies, everyone should have their baby without modifications, you have to love your child just the way he or she is borned.

    Irene Argelich

  3. I agree with you about what you said that the persons that are designed by his parents will feel very isolated from the rest and they will feel that they don't have their own personality.

    Sofia Robles

  4. I agree with Carla because first of all everyone should love himself the way he/she is. And also if we had the option of creat our own childer the world would have disputes to know who is the most perfect human but we all know that the perfection dosen't exist.

    Claudia Esteban Calmaestra